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Yayyy! I somehow lucked out and got my DVD today, so I've spent the entire night ripping it and uploading it for y'all. But oh god, this concert. Is. Fantastic. I've felt pretty much every single emotion watching this thing and it is really just...such a wonderful show. This DVD has singlehandedly made me not as embarrassed to admit that Pi was the reason why I even knew about JE in the first place. This DVD has also elicited a lot of really embarrassing noises out of me, most of it being of, ";OWHFO HNNNNNNNNGH," nature. And "Iitai Dake"? Needs to be released. Now. Honestly, even if you're not a NEWS fan but just like being entertained, download this. It's so, so friggin' worth it. ♥

Rules and junk: comments = not necessary, though nice. Don't hand out the links willy-nilly, just link them to the post instead! I also will send my minions to see if this ends up on jpopsuki because I would rather not have someone else sharing my rip and getting all the karma points for it (or whatever the hell their system is) which is what happened with the Tegomasu DVD. Feel free to use to take screencaps to use for graphics, yada yada, etc, etc.

EDITED TO ADD: If you want to use the actual video for subs or to splice into individual song cuts, that is fine, just please let me know first. So far everyone's been really nice about it (and as a heads up, someone WILL be subbing the con!) but I'm naturally curious and nosy, so knowing how/where the video is ending up is important to me. Thank you. (:

Resolution is decent; quality is high -- as in, each disc is over 1GB. Under the cut are screencaps for you to judge and download links.

NOTE: All links should be up and running! If you run into any problems, please let me know and I'll fix 'em as soon as I can! :D

iiiiiiitai dake~! )
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tegomass first live tour 2009:
tegomass no uta

download links for the full concert, encore + documentary, & pamphlet scans.
videos are in 720 x 400 format ; pamphlet scanned at 300 dpi.
previews are resized.

in general? i thought this concert was fantastic. it might not be as glamorous and glitzy as some of the other concerts we're used to (arashi and kat-tun, i'm looking at you!) but tegomass isn't about the glitz and the glam anyway, and that feeling comes across so well in this concert. it's basically an opportunity for them to really shine and bask in their talents, with a dash of adorable overload on the side. even the mc's -- which, admittedly, were a little awkward because neither are good at that sort of thing -- brought across their respective charms really well! all in all, i loved this. i think you will too!


THAT BEING ALL SAID AND DONE, I AM NOW GOING TO TRY AND READ 8 CHAPTERS OF PRIDE AND PREJUDICE BEFORE I PASS OUT. goodnight kiddies. ♥ i'll hopefully have time to update about life within the next few days!


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