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i just went and did a flist cut, and i cut roughly 30 people.

please understand that this is not a reflection of you, and do know that at the time of cutting, i did and still do know every single person on my flist. but i'm at a position where i can't and don't want to have an flist with people i never talk to, or never talk to me, or something along the lines of that. anyone i waffled over i kept. no matter what happens, i wish all of you the best, and who knows? maybe somewhere down the line we'll both be in better places to work it all out.

also, if you've been feeling like defriending me for whatever reason, now would be the time. (: i know i'm a relatively difficult person to get along with, or i have things about me that rub many people the wrong way, so no explanations needed, go for it.

thank you for your time. (:
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this has been a long time coming, honestly. i'm just -- when i first created this journal, i said that i wouldn't let it get too crazy, and 130+ was...too crazy. most of it were dead/empty journals, anyhow, but others were just...i never commented, or i skimmed, and i think that is much worse than just biting the bullet and going our ways. that being said, i'm sorry. ):

also, this is the time for you to remove me from your lists, also, if you feel the same about me -- i completely understand. (: i won't send my legion of ninjas after you, so you have nothing to fear! ♥ take care!

(i didn't remove anyone i just added in the past month or so, though, so no worries there. a month is hardly enough time to gauge a person, especially when i post pretty infrequently anyway.)


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