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Birthdate:Jul 29

bazooka bombs & justaways.

while i understand that the concept of cheeseburger flavored things may turn some people off -- after all, if it's cheeseburger flavored, it should just be a cheeseburger and that's that -- but i do have to say, cheeseburger doritos are the best thing to have happened to me on a snacking level. my name's jocelyn and besides a weird love for cheeseburger doritos, i am a pretty big fan of je groups, news, kat-tun and kanjani8 in particular. in addition to that, i love (in no particular order), gintama, scrubs, the it crowd, stanning my otps, b2st, daesung, pushing daisies, spamming tumblr, yasu's butt, ducks, writing, obnoxious colors, photography, penguins, tangled, pokemon, and the state of new jersey. i'm a little bit sassy, a little bit offensive, and completely mental. don't say i didn't warn you.



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+44, aaron eckhart, aaron sexhart, aqua timez, barack obama, being asian, blink 182, cobra motherfucking starship, cobra starship, could've been the holocaust, creative writing, designing t-shirts, dolphin trainer massu, english majoring, facebook stalking, fall out boy, fandoms that don't suck, fiction, final fantasy, gabe saporta, gabe's sexy pelvis, gay japanese boy bands, greeeen, gwen stefani, gym class heroes, hair dye, harry potter, harvey dent, hating twilight, heathus christ, hina, horvey dont, how hot is vicky?, how you vibin'?, hp/christian bale, in hate with lovejuice, inside jokes, j-pop, japan, jeans, jersey shore, jin the hermaphrodite, johnny's entertainment, junno/aiba = otp, junno/everyone, jyuken sentai gekiranger, kamen rider den-o, kanjani8, kanye west, kat-tun, kato shigeaki, lupe fiasco, maruyama ryuhei, massu, massu's cute art, masuda takahisa, mola = perfection, motion city soundtrack, movies, murakami shingo, music, new jersey, news, nishikido ryo, patrick stump, people who don't suck, pottermore, praise heathus, prince of tennis, role-playing, ronald weasley, rpg, rupert grint, ryo/massu tyvm, ryo/yasu is win, schooling noobs, senor bale, shige's law degree, shoes, spring, summer, taguchi junnosuke, tegoshi yuya, tegoshi's fail art, the color pink, the dark knight, the english language, the sounds, the weasley twins, toda erika, tokusatsu, tom felton, trigger happy ryo, twitter spamming, vitamin water, water, yappa sukiyanen, yasuda shota, yes we can!, (╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴

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