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This is definitely aimed to the vast array of fic writers on my flist, but those of you who aren't and would just like to discuss things, toss out ideas/thoughts that I haven't thought of before are totally welcome!

Basically, it all boils down to this one idea.

AU only JE fic exchange. Yay or nay?

I was thinking the other day about how most of the fics I've written for these past few cycles of fic exchanges have all been AU fics, or that a lot of them being posted in the exchanges themselves have been AU fics, and they've all been awesome, to boot. I know that there's at least a small percentage of people who rather enjoy writing AU fics than anything else (myself included) and just figured, hey! There's a lot of great ideas out there, ones that everyone think they should just write themselves -- but wouldn't it be awesome to see what another person did with it, how it would turn out, if it would be similar to your vision or completely different? Or maybe you want to see this awesome scifi AU idea you have come to life, but you know you have no ability to write scifi at all! Or maybe you just want to write an AU and have no clue where to start! This is where this exchange would come in.

I was drafting a timetable up earlier today, and it would look something like this:

Sign ups: the end of February/beginning of March
Assignments out: end of March.
Fics due: end of May/beginning of June
Posting starts: second week of June (depending on when the deadline is, plus pinch hits, etc)
Reveals: week after posting ends.

I've checked all the current exchanges (or at least the ones I know about and the ones listed in Katy's exchange masterlist, and this spreadsheet based on the most recent time tables, made by the lovely [ profile] nanyakanya!) and the only one that would coincide exactly with it would be [ profile] je_devilorangel. Another one that almost exactly coincides is [ profile] k8_exchange, but their due date is further down the line.

I also have ideas for what criteria to use to pair people up, etc, etc, but figured that this should suffice first, as if this does happen, that would all be self-explanatory once sign ups start.

So, anyone interested? :D?

As this is a feeler post, this is going to remain public, so feel free to send it out and link it to various places so I can get more of a general idea.
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