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the TAGUCHI JUNNOSUKE quasi-pimp post -- part dos

WARNING: LOTS OF VIDEOS AND FIC AHEAD. idk why this is a warning, but...

So, welcome to part two of the Taguchi Junnosuke quasi-pimp post! In this post, we'll mostly be dealing with the goodness that is Youtube, and the great fandom fiction machine! :D

These are listed in no chronological order, so just enjoy. :D

Junno's DoCoMo CM. Of course, his is game related. Fuck yeah Tekken! :D

"Bebop Time" solo on Shounen Club. I just really love this song. It fits his voice really well, it's happy, upbeat; the beginning is kind of meh, but the chorus and dance break is pretty A+.

"Samurai Love Attack" solo performance. IF I SAY ANYTHING ABOUT IT, I'LL JUST RUIN THE ~MAGIC~ FOR YOU.

Smile King (Shounen Club, 2000). Chibi everyone! Junno proclaims he's the Smile King, meaning he can keep smiling no matter what the situation is. Subaru relentlessly makes fun of him and even smacks him, though he gets chewed out by the fangirls, lol. This video actually makes me a little sad sometimes, but I think it's pretty telling of his personality, also.

"PEAK" on Shounen Club Premium. One of the first KAT-TUN videos I watched, because I hated Jin, and anything that DIDN'T have him in it was my calling. And this is my favorite song on this album. And Junno is hot.

Junno and Nakamaru -- tapling/beatboxing collab. Ignore the chibi!Hey!Say kids looking shocked at their senpai-tachi being fucking awesome. Or don't ignore it, because Yuto's -- I THINK it's Yuto -- facial expressions are amazing.

Koki dropkicks Junno (just the norm). I couldn't find the one video where someone compiled like, 15 times Koki's dropkicked Junno, but the abuse started even before Cartoon KAT-TUN, guys. At least Junno is SO ADORABLE

Factory Skit -- White X'mas Edition. So in most of the making of's, the boys improv a skit where they're all various factory workers and it just...takes off from there. There's not much Junno in it, actually, but the parts he was were great, even though this entire thing made me laugh, and I think this proves that KAT-TUN are just as dorky as the rest of them. You can cut it once you hear the music start, because it just goes back to filming for the PV.

Mustache'd KAT-TUN. LOL I keep posting group clips, but I found it adorable that Junno got the Hitler-stache. Ueda is also so presh, and Jin and Kame look like porn stars from the 80s.

Junno: Jitsu wa Boku... I don't know what it is about this video that makes me adore him. Is it I'm not surprised he WOULD be collecting 500 yen coins? Is it the look of utter panic when Koki hacks away at his bank with the opener? Or is it Jin tugging him away and making sure he doesn't disrupt proceedings? Actually, I think it was mostly the haircut at the time. I'm shallow, what can I say.

Natsu no Basho (Queen of Pirates solo). I can positively say that this is where it reached the point of no return. There's so many things about this entire video that just ran away with my heart: designing his costume himself (with help from a friend? He said so in an interview and I want to believe it's Komine, because omg that'd be SO CUTE), being self-absorbed enough to ask if the girls liked him better as a blonde or brunette, buying the additional uchiwa so he could gift one to both girls since he was only allowed one per concert up to then, the ambidexterity (he's a leftie, but signed with his right), his army of juniors dancing with his uchiwa, the footage of KAT-TUN goofing off at the beach. I don't even care this has turned into a lengthy paragraph. I CRY DURING THIS VIDEO SOMETIMES (mostly when I'm in emotionally compromised mindsets) OKAY, and I love him so much that I'm not even ashamed of this fact. ♥


By pairing. For some reason, there's NEVER any gen/PG/PG-13 fic of Junno, so this is a lot of porn, but most of them are really long that the porn doesn't matter; they just have to label it as such because it is there. Also, summaries are taken straight from the fic post; if there wasn't one, I tried to make one up and do it justice. I failed.


The Best Part; Jin/Kame/Junno. PG. In which the convoluted triangle somehow works.
Blondes Have More Fun; Yoko/Jin/Junno. NC-17. The boys steal a few props and have their own private party.
Yukan Club-era; Yoko/Jin/Junno. PG. Yoko and Junno attack Jin's collarbones.
Secret Places; Junno/Ohkura/Kame. PG-13. The boys go to places they never thought they would.


Blondes Have More Pun; R. Because image changes take the longest to get used to.
Can I Go Nowhere With You?; NC-17. You know what? I don't even have words for this. Just read it. You won't regret it.
Just One Thing Sparkled in the Endless, Wide World; R. With KAT-TUN disbanded, and Junno working as a choreographer with Kame ever since, maybe it's long overdue for the world to fall apart.
Girl Rock; NC-17. Junno turns into a girl by chance, and is unreasonably more charming as a girl. Group dates ensue.


And All The Rest Are Commoners; PG-13. They are awkward together, that needs to be said. It’s the first thing people tend to notice.


10 Songs Meme; PG-13. Kind of self-explanatory, don't you think?


The Day Jun Gots Him Some No; Matsujun/Junno. R. AU. When Johnny decides to go on holiday, he leaves Jun to take care of customers, pasta, flailing friends and lunatic employees. Falling in love is kind of a bonus -- or not.
Special Delivery; Junno/Massu. G. Junno is a bike messenger in Tokyo, and with his job comes certain hazards. The results of these hazards may not always be bad, though...
Met Your Match; Junno/Massu. NC-17. Junno's always been really good at reading people, contrary to his KY image.
A Comedy of Errors; Junno/Ryo. NC-17. Nishikido Ryo's Life as a Korean Drama. Featuring an annoying cast of practical jokers, Eito with an unhealthy interest in other people's love lives, and compulsive snugglers.
A Study of Boys and Dorks; Junno/Shige. PG-13. A get together story. A pun time indeed.
Of Dorks and Selling Points; Yamapi/Junno. R. Taguchi thinks he doesn't have a selling point. Pi wonders if it's true.
Going; Junno/girl, side Junno/Ohkura. PG-13. Junno is a musician working at a jazz club. He didn't know what hit him. He didn't want to wait around for the next thing to come, he just wanted to go.


Night One, Night Seven; Junno/Changmin (DBSK). NC-17. It's not a one night stand, not when it goes on to six-going-on-seven nights.

That about wraps it up! This part is so much less eye-raping t\han the last one, that's for sure, haha. In any case, if this post did its job (I don't even know if I really wanted to accomplish anything) then maybe, perhaps, you'll either like Junno more than you already do, or start likiing him! Who wouldn't want a sexy, leggy, sunshiney, punny kind of man in their lives, anyway? ♥ ♥ Also, please, please feel free to spread this around, pimp it out on your own journals, shout it out on twitter, whatever! The more Junno love, the merrier, right?
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