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I really should have done this ages ago, but always knew that it would be A LOT OF WORK. And it has been. It's been 323 pictures uploaded (I didn't even post them all -- these are the ones I weeded out to use), 11 Youtube videos, and 18 fic recommendations, and so with no further delay, I present to you:

the TAGUCHI JUNNOSUKE quasi-pimp post -- part uno


First, I call it a 'quasi' pimp post because, well, I'm not an expert on what Junno is like, just on what I think he might be like, so I really have no right to say, "this is how he is," etc. Second, I mean, I'm only talking about him (well, sort of kind of), so I really don't think it's necessary to include singles and all of that stuff, so we're just touching on the basics, his Junior days, and whatever sort of solo career he's managed for himself since debut. Good? Good. Start-o!

In 6th grade of elementary school, Junno saw the ad for Johnny's auditions in the newspaper, and a new SMAP TV show was to debut on air that day, so these two things in conjunction left a really big impact on him (even now, the senpai he respects/idolizes most is Goro. They're text buddies! The other is Koichi. I don't know.). He watched the show that night and thought that this might be something he wanted to do, or at least try, and so he asked his parents to send in his application. He's one of the rare one's who wanted to join himself! His callback wasn't until his second year into junior high, however, and only found out pretty recently that his parents had called the agency themselves because they thought it was taking way too long to get a response. So, Taguchi-mama, you are GOOD JOB. Otherwise, there probably would have been no Junno in JE, and I wouldn't know what love feels like. (I'm kidding. ...or am I?)

The audition was pretty standard fare; the only thing that stuck out to him was that while Johnny was scoping out the fresh meat (ew), he told Junno, "If YOU give up now, it's over," and since this was in the middle of their 400 dance squats and other auditioners were dropping like flies, Junno thought he should give it his all, because he's already made it so far. He passed and officially became a Junior in 1999.

In the time between his joining the agency and the formation of KAT-TUN (1999 - 2001), Junno was put into another sub-unit called BAD with Akanishi Jin and Jimmy Mackey. There's not much information on them, just that they were ridiculously dorky all the time, and this marks Junno's first interaction of any kind with a future KAT-TUN member and has considered Jin one of his best friends since joining JE -- he's said so himself! (I'm apologizing in advance -- Jin/Junno is pretty much my OTP within KAT-TUN.)

(this isn't even related to chibi!kat-tun days, i just absolutely adore this picture of them all. moving on.)

And so KAT-TUN was formed, in 2001, for the sole usage of Koichi's benefit! I've always wondered why they all fought so much when they officially debuted because they've been grouped together for 5 years already at that point (even Junno admitted to disliking Kame at first, because he thought Kame was a conceited little brat lolol), but my guess is that they all thought the group was a temporary thing (even though how permanent could you get, having tons of concerts and eleven shows in one day). And teenage rebellion. Ah, youth.

In 2003, during a rehearsal for Dream Boys, Junno landed a backflip wrong and ended up sustaining a pretty serious knee injury and minor back ones. He was in the hospital for roughly four, five months undergoing physical therapy post-surgery, but didn't make much progress in the beginning because the other members didn't visit him all that much, and so he thought he wasn't needed, was a burden, and that they simply didn't like him. But then, the other members came and brought him gifts and (I'm guessing) were able to visit him a lot more, and soon Junno was recovering well, and he's back to catapulting himself into the air via backflips again!

Two years later, in 2005, Junno was cast in the drama Ganbatte Ikimasshoi! as a supporting role, and leads were played by Nishikido Ryo and Uchi Hiroki, but due to Uchi's drinking suspension, Junno was bumped up starting in episode 4. This drama is awful. Ryo is emo throughout the whole thing, Junno is supposed to be mean but it's just funny because he's...not, and Junno's Kansai-ben is SO AWKWARD SOUNDING that it makes me cringe (not like I'm an expert on what Kansai-ben should sound like, but he doesn't sound like Hina. Just sayin'.). The only good things that came out of it were these promotional shots that are kind of precious (and make a certain someone very happy) and Junno snarking and sniping at Ryo. Parallel universe!

In 2006, he was in two drama specials, Happy! and its sequel, Happy! 2, as some rich zaibatsu kid who ditches the family business and tries to go pro in tennis. It's also pretty awful, and I hate Aibu Saki, so I'm skipping it. The only good thing to come out of it, really, was that (1) Junno was starting to make a name for himself since this was during Jin's hiatus, and (2) if he ever wanted to, he could...actually go pro in the tennis circuit, according to his tennis trainer. Damn athletic man.

Anyway, 2007 marked two dramas for Junno. The first was Hanayome to Papa, where he plays Ishihara Satomi's love interest, and has a knack of jumping head first into love and gets dumped a lot for being 'too heavy'. I honestly wasn't expecting all that much from it because of his track record with Ganbatte Ikimasshoi and the Happy! specials, but I actually love this drama a lot. His character is so retardedly earnest and charming, clueless, doesn't even know what he's doing half the time but tries so hard for everyone around him. He also yells and gets pissed off in this one scene and it blew my mind. It's not an Oscar-worthy performance, but it just makes me feel that there really was no one else who fit the part quite like he did. (Also? Lots of amazing facial expressions!)

Yukan Club, however, was completely Oscar-worthy (and he did win Best Supporting Actor for that season!). WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN WITH THIS DRAMA. Honestly, when in the first six minutes, there is that shot of Junno in the bathtub, admiring his own beauty, you basically know it's going to be a winner right then and there. This sparked my "Keep Junno Blonde FOREVER!" campaign, because I love the blonde, and I know I'm in the vast minority (but I tend to love all the hairstyles that everyone else hates, so whatever, I'm sticking to my own side) but the blonde with the blue contacts were seriously. Seriously. Plus, this lead to a series of great haircuts post-drama. Imagine my absolute glee when he went back! He's already darkened it for "Going!", though. ):

All's been quiet on the drama front since then, except in 2009, where he guest starred in an episode of Kochi Kame starring Katori Shingo. He played a ghost who, in his lifetime, was betrayed and attacked by his town (for some reason, idk I watched it without subs) and was soon exiled from society, and he died of...loneliness? I don't know, it was something like that. He haunts this abandoned house in the police station's jurisdiction, and then...all is solved? No one's subbed it as far as I know, so I'm really going on my super limited Japanese skills, but hey! He was looking hella good in his traditional wear! :D;;; There's even a picspam dedicated to him in this episode! (It's only 12 caps, but whatever, it still counts.)

I think the most important point to focus on is that I have come to realize that Junno is the perfect bridge to all other groups within JE (except maybe Tackey & Tsubasa), not because of prior ties or anything, but just because he's so darn friendly. He hangs out with Kanjani8 often (and not to mention, he and Ohkura are best friends; also, I found this photoshoot of him and Uchi and I'm actually baffled by it? When WAS it?), he's always been supportive of his juniors (bonding with Hikaru over their mutual billiards interest), jamming out with Aiba, ninjaing into Nino and Aiba screentime, enjoying good cross-dressing sessions with Yoko, getting flustered when he went out to eat with Goro, regular day-to-day conversations with Massu, losing to Yamapi in Wii Boxing, and this recent long-throw challenge talk with Ohno. There's not many others that have this going for them, or at least none that I really know of, so let's just pretend Junno's special, okay? He is, know what I mean.

Has everyone gotten sick of reading blocks of text? This is a pimp post, right? Pictures are only mandatory, really. We'll start with Junno + (KAT-TUN member here) pictures! (I was going to thumbnail everything, but by the time I thought of it, I had gotten through to Ueda, and at that point I was just too friggin' lazy to go back and change everything. Sorry if this kills anyone's eyes.)

(junno, doing is his best captain morgan impersonation. A+ job.)

(this just looks like a movie poster for some awful romance.)

(remember when i said i shipped jin/junno? i'm not lying.)

(i love junno's hair in this. ♥)

(koki time! idk what's going on in this. i'm between amused and horrified, tbh.)

(the yakuza boss and the wannabe! i wonder if it's a drug deal.)

(i don't really have much to say about maru and junno. they're just adorable. :3)

(so apparently, back in the fighting days, ueda would try to roundhouse kick junno, but junno always just caught his leg instead. this is the demonstration. i kind of love them two, though.)

But onto Junno himself! There are a few categories of Junno pictures, really. The first is what I call "Animalistic", because...well, you'll see.

And then, there's the "Dork / Smile of Great Justice" spread...

...and then there's just your generic, "Holy God, Junno, why are you so fine?!" kind of pictures, which MAY just be any picture that doesn't fit in any of the above categories, including "Chibi". Then again, I'm horrendously biased, aren't I?

(re: the second gif; i think it's kind of sad that junno doesn't notice the friendly man-hug the guy was going for. ): way to leave him hanging.)

I REALLY DIDN'T EXPECT TO HAVE TO MAKE THIS INTO TWO PARTS, but there's no way anyone would sit through THIS ENTIRE POST if I tacked videos and fic recs in this one. So check out part two!

[Credits/sources: [ profile] boys_paper, [ profile] trivialaffair (KochiKame post), [ profile] xbleedingkansas, [ profile] junnoaday, fuckyeahjunno @ tumblr, tumblr, Japanese Wiki, various translations throughout the past two years that I can't even BEGIN to remember where they are. Sorry. :3]
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